Vasco Nardiotti began his career in the world of scenography by attending the relate course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. During this period he has the opportunity to collaborate in the preparation of exhibitions, sporting events, short films and theatrical performances.

In 2018 he was hired as an intern Production Designer for the film "Tutto il mio folle amore" by Gabriele Salvatores, where he learned about the dynamics of a film set, falling in love with it.

The following year he worked as an assistant to the Fine Arts photographer Carlo Mari, a collaboration that allowed him to refine his eye from an aesthetic and compositional point of view.

In 2020 he graduated and started working as a set designer and assistant in commercials, photo shootings, short films and other types of installations.

Growing up dreaming and imagining the fantastic worlds described by Tolkien, over the years he has developed a personal creative vision that translates into an eclectic work approach, made up of multiple inspirations and expressions.

Vasco's goal is to continue working in the world of art and entertainment, continuing to develop and refine new techniques and skills, facing increasingly stimulating challenges accompanied by excellent collaborators who together want to create something unique, special and usable for other people.